how much does it cost to feed a football team?


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Ask Larry English, San Diego Chargers Rookie....

The Chargers are hungry and Larry English is buying - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

The team's rookie first-rounder is obligated to take the rest of the team out to dinner, and without fail, at this dinner, every monstrous defensive tackle on the team gorges themselves on lobster tails like they haven't eaten in a month. No one's really shy about running up the bill.
I lol'd pretty good at this, and then for those who dont click the link... I spoiled the "bill" from their dinner :hah:

Gotta admit that Rookie Hazing is awesome.


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Lucky for them they receive millions and millions of dollars in signing bonuses haha...otherwise I'd be super pissed off!


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Yeah, to them that's nothing. It's still crazy, but I'm sure they drop that much at the club every week.