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How Much do you Trust Food Labels?


So when it comes to labels on food how much do you actually trust what they say? If something says it's organic do you really trust that it is, do you even question what that might mean? Or if you buy some eggs that say they are 'free range' do you think that those chickens are really happy and off running around in a nice big grassy field somewhere?

I ask this because I've recently been thinking about some controversy in Australia a while ago where a company was selling chickens that were labelled as "free-to-roam" but it was revealed that this companies version of free to roam was actually only the size of an A4 sheet of paper for every three chickens or something ridiculous like that.

I don't buy eggs at all anymore, but when I did I would look at so many labels like 'cage free' and 'free range' and just didn't know what to believe or what to think. I hardly ever bought eggs from big brands in supermarkets, and tried to buy local eggs from smaller brands like local farmers in my area.

Even other things, like saying something is 99% fat free. 99% of what? Where did that percentage come from? How did they come to that number? They never explain things like that.


Registered Member
Personally, I don't care if they're telling me the truth or not. I don't read them anyways, I'm not picky about what I eat.


Free Spirit
Staff member
My biggest problem with food labels is you would have to be a chemist to understand what they are actually listing with all the additives. I think they should be broken down in simpler terms. I think most of the time they are telling the truth but there's always that one product that may try to fool you.


yellow 4!
I doubt a lot of what food labels say, but it doesn't really bother me that much. I know about some of the loopholes companies use to make certain claims, and to be honest there's no avoiding it really. It's obviously not a good thing whatsoever, but it's also not something I over-think. There's no telling what is accurate and what's been twisted to suit them.