How much do you pay for the following expenses?

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    And also, where do you live?

    Since the US economy is tanking lately and prices are rising, I'm interested in finding out how much you pay for regular household groceries and expenses. What is the norm where you live? How much do you pay for a gallon a milk, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, a gallon of gas, a pound of chicken, a pound of beef, etc?

    Responses aren't limited to Americans -- I'd like to see across-the-world expenses.

  2. Bananas

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    Im not sure how much a gallon that you refer to is, there is more than one type. I'll use the metric system and include rough conversion to $US, I ve also added a few extras.

    UK: store prices
    litre of milk; £0.70/$1.30
    loaf of bread; £1.15/$2.20
    doz eggs; £2.30/$4.50
    a litre of gas; £1.17/$2.25
    Whole chicken; £3 a kg($5.80)
    Kilo of beef; anything from £10-£45($18-$85) depending on cut
    Butter; £5/$9.70 a kg
    20 Marlboro; £5.50/$10.20
    Bottle of Budweiser(300ml): £0.80/$1.50
    1kg Muesli; £2/$3.85
  3. kiwi

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    Gallon of milk: I paid 2.69 this afternoon
    Loaf of Bread: I buy Sara lee whole wheat and it's 1.88 I think
    Dozen eggs: depends if they are on sale, I normally spend 3 bucks on 18
    Gallon of gas: We are sitting right around 4 bucks
    Pound of chicken: I only buy on sale, so I spend 1.67-1.87 per pound
    pound of beef: Depends what kind, I don't like paying more then 2 bucks a pound for hamburger, a steak, we get some nice little cuts from Costco for 3.49 a pound, if it's a roast, I try to keep it around 2-2.25, again, I usually only buy meat on sale.

    I am in Phoenix AZ
  4. EndWinterRomance

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    Gallon of milk: $1.69 i think is the usual...
    Loaf of Bread: $0.79
    Gallon of gas: $3.90
    Pound of turkey: $3.49
    pound of beef: $2.49
    pack of 20 marbs: $3.85

    im in oregon... honestly i think our fruit is cheaper than everyone elses..... for example watermelons are 15 cents a pound, grapes are like 20 cents a pound..... apples are around 40 cents a pound...
  5. viLky

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    Gallon of Milk: $2.19
    Loaf of Bread: $2.49
    Gallon of Gas: $4.07
    Candy (bag size): $.50-$.90 (cents)

    So. California

    Everything is pretty expensive here.

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