PlayStation 3 How much do PS3's cost.


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I know Playstation 3 hasn't been out that long, but they've been out a while. I was wondering, since I'm interested in buying one, how much they cost now and if they're even worth getting.


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Well I live in the UK and the deal I've seen that's caught my eye is in Zavvi (It used to be called Virgin Megastore). Basically it was £330 for an 80 gig console, extra controller and Metal Gear Solid 4. Around here I havn't seen any cheaper than £300 for the console alone. I would say it's worth it, if your a big movie fan you can also watch blu-ray discs which are pretty much the future of DVDs.
Yeah, go and buy it before people notice they're practically giving the thing away. ...Still, don't really think that's going to make a diifference, come to think of it. The ps3 seems to get bad press no matte what happens.