How much difference can a coach make?


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In light of what just occurred in the Spain vs. Switzerland game, I was wondering. How much difference can a coach make to a team?

We all know Spain to be a strong team, certainly stronger than they have been in a long time, but then they go up against a team that is marginally small in reputation by comparison, but at the same time a team with an excellent coach! Could this be the deal breaker?

Also looking at South Africa. We are playing better now that we've been getting world renowned coaches, which we of course only got because we were in the WC and the hosting country). If that were not the case, we would not have had the coaches and our current coach to assist us. I really feel SA plays a much better game under the guidance of Parreira. :nod:

Your thoughts?


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Coaches are the core of a football team, what he thinks is right goes, but for that to be effective, the players need to pull it off.


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Do you think a good enough coach could turn a mediocre team into a competitive team though?
Well you do know that a bad coach can turn a good team into bad one. *coughDomenechcough*

I believe that a team needs the direction of a good coach. When a coach loses authority or credibility, the team (even if they have several individuals who are very talented) can lose direction and focus. Maybe it won't matter as much if the team has a subsitute authority figure (like the captain), but it can only be a temporary relief.

I think a good coach can turn a team to be the best it can be - maximise the potential.