How much coffee is to much?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by yourwebcrafter, May 10, 2010.

  1. yourwebcrafter

    yourwebcrafter Registered Member

    So there have been studies that say that coffee is good for you, helps certain systems, blood flow how much is to much? Is there a toxicity level? Personally I am a coffee fiend, I usually drink a pot in the morning (8-10 cups) and another late at night...I work a lot of late nights and I get up early in the morning most of the time as do you reach a burn out point, start eating a hole in the stomach or is it just like many other things and dependent upon each individuals DNA?

  2. idisrsly

    idisrsly I'm serious V.I.P. Lifetime

    There is NO such thing as TOO MUCH coffee. ;)
    I suspect some health fanatics might come along in a sec and blow my statement to smithereens, but I too am a coffee junky (and I know that Ccup is equally fond of her cuppa).
    That said though, I used to have a bit of an addiction to espresso, which I recommend you steer clear off at all costs!
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  3. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    Coffee is a stimulant so I would think that there is such a thing as too much coffee. I am not qualified to respond on that, however.

    *waits for Jeanie*

    Personally, I'll have a cup in the morning and that's usually it. Sometimes I"ll have another around 3 or so but I tend to not go overboard.

    I also drink mine straight black so I avoid sugars and such.
  4. Nevyrmoore

    Nevyrmoore AKA Ass-Bandit

    As far as the caffeine goes, it's possible to overdose on it. But you'd have to drink a hell of a lot of coffee in an extremely short amount of time for that to happen. You're more likely to OD on caffeine by taking too many caffeine pills.

    As for the coffee itself, I'm now wondering about water intoxication.
  5. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Son of Liberty V.I.P.

    I agree, I drink loads of coffee all day long. I'm drinking some now in fact. I would estimate I drink about 1-2 pots of coffee a day.
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  6. JessEpiphany

    JessEpiphany Registered Member

    Oh, I'm so envious of people who can drink coffee. Because of a health condition, I need to avoid caffeine. Even "decaf" products contain something like .3% caffeine so I avoid those as well. Only "caffeine free" for me.

    Though once in a blue moon I will get a headache that is debilitating! I will take Exedrin (has caffeine) and that usually does the trick, though it makes me so shaky. Because I don't normally get caffeine, it's a very strange feeling that I don't really like.
  7. yourwebcrafter

    yourwebcrafter Registered Member

    Glad to see I am not alone :) I drink mine black as well...and everyone complains about mine as if it isn't strong what's the use :D

    I like Columbian and darker ground my own beans unless I have to break into the emergency rations...not instant no, just the pre-ground Folgers gourmet I have at least one shipment of Boca Java come in a month...other times I have found some really decent beans at Starbuks or Sams at a really fair price I might add...

    Good point about the water intoxication......the water from Lake Okeechobee in Clewiston Florida came extremely close to actually killing me back in 2001 to be honest with you....and drinking coffee is how I drank most of it.....
    Sorry to hear about your condition....I do know the shaky feeling you are talking about...I get a shaky feeling when I drink over my usual amount of coffee and do not system doesn't respond well when stressed to that level it has let me know
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  8. EllyDicious

    EllyDicious made of AMBIGUITY V.I.P. Lifetime

    Too much of everything is unhealthy, even if it's the healthiest thing to eat/drink.

    I've heard you shouldn't drink more than 3 coffees a day.
  9. yourwebcrafter

    yourwebcrafter Registered Member

    WoW....I don't even know what my addiction recovery time would be if I had cut back that far....wouldn't be a pretty site to be sure...and I have a feeling it wouldn't be a short ride either :eek:mg:
  10. Kibi

    Kibi Babeasaurus Sex

    Haha I'm with you on is my big vice I have at least two cups of black coffee from 9-12 and then the rest of the day just depends how I'm feeling - I like to mix and match tea, coffee and either fruit or green teas :)

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