How Much Care Do You Take In The Clothes You Wear?


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Are you really that bothered about what clothes you wear when out and about or do you just throw anything on and go for it?

I'm really conscious about the clothes I wear, whether it's for going down the local for the football, on a night out with the boys or a date with a hot chick I'll take time to consider what to wear and what looks best with each piece of clothing.

It's not unusual for me to change again whilst considering what to wear.

I take alot of pride in what I wear, do you?


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I chuck any old thing on. All of my wardrobe matches, jeans, sweaters, greys, blues, blacks, whites its all similar.

Im not really conscious of what other people wear unless it is outragously different. I take that factor into my own clothes, you can spend an hour getting ready and then people dont give a second glance...I know I dont!

you can look good, shabby or whatever but most of the time its all generic.
I have comfort in mind when I dress. Not really one for fashion just your average jeans and t-shirt person. Though I take my time to pick the best shirt and jean look.
Day to day? Not really, I'll just throw on anything. If I'm going somewhere where people expect me to make an effort then I can get really conscious of what I'll wear and change my outfit about 5 times haha.


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For work I just chuck anything on, as long as it's black or a varying shade of grey it doesn't really matter what I wear. When I'm going out I take time getting ready, even if it is just to go out shopping or for lunch. If I don't feel good about what I'm wearing then I won't have a good time.


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Unless I'm going somewhere nice I'll just wear what I'm comfortable in. I'm not big on fashion and I don't care about wearing big labels. I like to wear a lot of black and feel it suits me a lot better than any bright colours.


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I chuck my clothes that dont fit anymore or clothes that I hardly wear ( some even still have the tags on them). But, when I go out I wanna look decent and presentable, nothing too flashy for me. I'm just one of your simple shit-and-jeans kind of person, maybe a bandada or hat to match.



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I would wear my pajamas everywhere if I could. I love them.
Unless I'm going out for the night, it's normally just jeans and a shirt, or workout pants.

When I go out with friends or something at night, then I do take extra care in what I dress in. Sometimes it may be jeans and a nice shirt, sometimes it may be frilly skirts and heels.


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I just throw on anything I can find. When i am out with my friends, I make sure that I don't wear the same clothes I wore last time when I last hung out with them. I did that one time and they were like you wore that shir last time.