How may downs are optimal?


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I was just talking to somebody about CFL vs NFL and he pointed out that the CFL has 3 downs vs the NFL with 4.

I think 3 would make the games much more intense. Generally a team can always move the ball far enough with 4 downs. It just drags out after a while if you ask me. I think with 3 downs we'd see games that were a lot more intense.

Thoughts? Which do you think is better and why? If you think something besides 3 or 4 downs would be better than feel free to throw that idea out here too. I think 2 is definitely not enough and 5 would be almost as bad as watching baseball. :sick:
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I like 4 downs because that's all I've known! Offense generates interest and scoring points generates the money. I think by getting rid of a down you're going to see less points score; thus hurting the game on the whole.

It would be interesing to see to one game though.


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I'm pretty indifferent. NFL seems to be a lot more offensive, because with one more down, the players take more chances. In the CFL, with one less down, it becomes a lot more about defense. Personally, I don't mind either. Any less or anymore than 3/4 would not be cool. It'd either be ALL offense, or ALL defense, and that's not cool.


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It seems that with 3 downs, we'd see a lot more punting.

That's something that's always bothered me a lot; the frequency of punting. My team gets the ball. I get excited as we make some gains - but then we punt when it's 4th and 2.

I remember watching a Superbowl (I think it was 2 years ago), and I swear they punted a dozen times in less than a quarter. It was boring and annoying.


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I like four downs. I don't like that they punt on 4th down too often trying to be conservative. I'm used to four downs and I think that three downs would be awkward. Three downs might ruin the running game forever if teams only have two downs to make it ten yards.


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I hate three down football and that's one of the biggest reasons I dislike the CFL. Four down is a lot more entertaining and you see more offensive plays develop that way.

Wade is right there's a lot more punting when you have three downs instead of four and it's annoying to watch in my opinion.
I have to agree, 4 downs is the way to go. You see more running and less punting. I didn't know that the CFL has just 3 downs, seems silly. I don't like that idea at all.


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Definitely 4 downs. It's the way football was meant to be played. I think with 4 downs there's a good balance between offense and defense, as well as running/passing offensively. 3 downs would all but eliminate the running game. Let's not forget that the CFL has other oddities to make up for fewer downs though. The field is a lot bigger and they allow forward motion before the snap, both of which benefit the offenses.


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I like 4 down because 3 downs would result in even more passing than there already is. Not that I hate passing, I just like to see balance.
Great point. I think the running game would be almost non-existant if we changed the per downs to go.

This league is definitely switching to a passing happy league and getting rid of a down will only push that further and further.