How materialistic are you?

how materialistic are you?

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On a scale of 1-10, how important are material things to you?

I'd say I'm about a 3. I rarely buy anything I don't need.


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I'd probably say a 5 or 6 (I voted 6), I like having things, but am willing to give up other things to get the stuff I really want. For instance, we bought an adequate house that could last us a very long time, giving us more money for toys (ATV's, trips, cameras, computers, etc) as we progress through life.


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I picked seven. I've never hidden the fact that I like to have nice things. I have earned and enjoy the thousands of dollars of stuff that I own but am completely aware that I could live without it and that the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

And I do spend my money for reasons other than myself. I never had nice things growing up. I lived in a ghetto between three houses. I see my things as something I've achieved through my own hard work and desires.

So I think that a seven is perfect. I could live without the things I own, choose not to, and I'm alright with that.


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I picked 7 because I earned and paid for every damn thing I have with no help from anyone. I learned at a very young age that if I wanted anything I was going to have to find the means to get it myself and I do although as of late I haven't really bought anything worthwhile. Now worthwhile to me is electronics. Clothes and what not aren't high priority tickets in my mind.


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I picked 9.

I think although my materialistic phase will be ending soon.

Either when I fall in love or find something more meaningful in life.

I am sure the freedom of moving out will be up there.


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I'd say an 8. Material things aren't everything, however they are nice. I do like to have nice things and save up for them.


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there are a couple material things I couldn't live without, I won't lie. my laptop, piano, etc. everything I use to create art in its many forms.

so I'm gonna put in a 7.
6. I like owning nice things. It makes life better, but I make sure I don't go overboard with it since I know it's just a material item and money can be better spent elsewhere.


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I like most people like owning nice things. There are some things I have that I wouldn't want to live without. I could live with out them but I wouldn't want to. So I voted 7.