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How many votes will Cain(Colbert) get Saturday?


not a plastic bag
Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain to hold joint event in South Carolina today - Election 2012 - The Washington Post
Colbert has teamed up with Herman Cain to promote the Cain ticket in SC. Cain is still on the ballot in SC and Colbert has said that a vote for Cain is a vote for Colbert since Cain is no longer running and Colbert was not allowed on.
The whole thing is really funny and in Charleston today they are having a rally called "Rock Me Like a Herman Cain!" Colbert is also running ads in SC promoting himself through the Cain ticket:
Stephen Colbert New Super PAC Ad for South Carolina - YouTube

Cain (Colbert) will get votes. SC is an open primary meaning that Republicans, Democrats and undeclared can vote. There will be some people that could care less about the race that will show up and vote just for the lolz. Probably not many. But a few percentage points, sure.

Colbert and Cain have brought some fun into what has been an absolute snore-fest.


A Darker Knight
I just find it hilarious how Colbert can potentially screw with what's supposed to be a serious political event.

Didn't politics used to be serious or something?


not a plastic bag
I found it funny that Chuck Todd came down on Colbert so hard:
Chuck Todd Rips Stephen Colbert's Presidential Run (VIDEO)
Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have this ability to want to mock us in the media all the time, claim we don’t do our job, and then when you call them out on it, say ‘we’re just comedians,’” Todd said. “Actually no you’re not anymore. You are mocking what we’re doing, you want a place in this, you’re also going to be held accountable for how you do your job.”
Todd thinks its a laugh when Colbert makes fun of politicians, but when he makes fun of the media and when he starts interfering with the process, Todd blows a fuse. It seems according to Todd, the alphabet media is supposed to be controlling the Republican primary and they don't like it when someone else steps in. lol. Good for Colbert.

I also caught Cain on with Covulto the other night and Colvuto asked him to explain. Cain's response was he went before 4000 young people during the Rock Me Like a Herman Cain rally and told them to not give up, to get excited about the process and to study and figure out the best candidate and go out and vote for him. Cain said he injected some excitement into the youth that has largely been left out of the Republican primary and unlike Colbert, he did not tell them who to vote for. Good for Cain.

I think the points Cain and Colbert were making were both worthy and they both did an excellent job. I hope both men stick around this election cycle. They're good for the process, regardless of what Chuck Todd says.