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How many times have you moved?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
For me, I've only moved twice. I lived at my parents til I was twenty-five then me and my brother bought a house together, I eventually bought him out and I've been here since 2009. I hate moving, so I'm pretty pleased I've only lived at two difference houses.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've moved about 7 times in all. Sometimes it was because we found a better place and sometimes it was because of my husbands job.


Registered Member
Does this include going to college and or university? if I were to focus only on my adult life (as I cannot remember much of my childhood up until around 15), if you don't count college I have also moved roughly 7 or 8 times. Either for work, wanting a better place to live or simply wanting a better life. I am fairly settled where I am right now and see no reason to move any time soon though which is quite nice.


Registered Member
Not counting the four dorms and one apartment I was in during college, I've moved once. From my childhood home to the house we used for the summer/rented out. I'm here now 'til I start making enough money to get my own place, probably with a couple friends.

It was a bit of a shock not coming back to my normal house after that year of college. I'm hoping I can somehow buy that house back years from now.


Lived at home till I was about 21. Spent some time in University accommodation for a while, then got an apartment with a friend. Now in another apartment with another friend. So 3, but 4 if you count a small amount of time spent at Uni.