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How many pillows do you use?


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I use three. Two of them are of average fluffyness, though the third is getting flat. I find that number seems to work well for me though regardless of the overall pillow quality


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3. One fluffy, one that gets hot and makes me sweat (I tend to use it in support :)) and one that is really really flat.
I usually sleep without one though.


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3 but i have 2 stacked up on one side so i can watch tv in bed and then i'll sleep on other side with just one pillow or toss a pillow down or to the side if/when I roll over because I can't sleep on more than 1 pillow as it makes a crick in my neck from having it bent.


I have two on my bed, though I just use one when I sleep. I get a kink in my neck if I stack them, and all I really need is just to have my head risen a bit to even out with my body to be able to sleep well.


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I have 3 on the bed but only use two for sleeping one for my head and one that I prop my knee on the 3rd is used for when one of kids has a nightmare and decides Dad's bed is the safest place in the world.


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There are four on my bed, but I use two.

Both are pretty flat.. I like to sleep horizontally.


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I have 6, and they're all different thickness's and squishiness depending on what mood i'm in. Also good for when it's a really hot night and the pillows get too hot to change to a cooler one.


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There are 3 pillows on my bed, but I only use one. The reason there are 3 on my bed is because I have two very flat pillows in one pillow case just to bulk them up a bit coz I hate flat pillows and one very firm one that I use nearly every night. I only use one though because I always sleep on the same side of the bed and the nice firm one is the one I prefer to use. The other two (that are actually rolled into one pillow case) is just for show really or when I end up on the other side of the bed one night.


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I use two, but one is a V pillow. I could sleep on any amount though.. if I'm tired enough to fall asleep then it really doesn't bother me how flat or upright I am.