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How many keys do you own?


Sally Twit
House keys, car keys, suitcase lock keys.. Whatever! How many do you own?

I have six keys. One to get in the main door of the building of my flat. There are two locks on my front door. I have a key to get in to a private garden for residents of the flats only and a key to get in to my mum and dad's house.
Oh and I have one key that belongs to a suitcase lock. ;)


Registered Member
1 - Drawers at the office.
2 - Car key.
3 - My Aunt's house
4 - Front Door
5 - Back Door
6 - Garage

And two small keys that, now I'm thinking about it, may belong to things I haven't needed to unlock for years. Not a clue!

Edit: They may be window keys...


Creeping On You
I have a key for my apartment building, and a key for my apartment door. There's also a random key on my chain from a padlock that i have no idea where it is.


No Custom Title Exists
I can't find my keys as we talk but I think I have around 6 keys.

2 room keys. (My room is a bungalow)
2 house keys (Screen door and door)
1 back door key

and not sure what the other key is. I think it's garage door.


Registered Member
I've got 2 house keys and 1 bike lock key - let alone cellar keyring's ones, that are so many that I can't figure out what they are.
Ah, and I have the key to success - want one?


Door keys
Room keys
Office keys

And that's it. I don't like to keep many keys with me. I'm afraid to lose them.


Registered Member
i have three keys :

1- for my car
2- my apartment building
3- for my apartment door



Better Call Saul
Staff member
1 Car key
2 house keys (one for the screen door and one for the door door)
house key for my parents house
some random key that opens a secret door at work
key for my dad's car (i used to drive it all the time)