How many icons on your desktop?

How many icons on your desktop?

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Alright who else here is lazy when it comes to organizing their desktop?

I just checked and I have 124 icons on my desktop.. Might be time to go through and file things away soon...

I generally save install programs and a bunch of notepad files (for quick notes and things I want to remember) as well as a few program shortcuts. Oddly enough I always use the start menu or windows explorer to access my desktop or programs because I usually have a ton of stuff open. Mostly IM programs and internet windows but I hate minimizing it all just to find the desktop.

So yeah. 124 desktop icons and counting...

DANG that is a lot of Icons. I currently have five icons, including my two hard disk icons. There have been times when I have had more, but not more than about 10-15


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I have none. I bypassed my Recycle Bin recently and I have no icons on my desktop, at all.


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I have 35 and I think that's too much clutter already. I like to have as few as possible so I can see my wallpaper. Having anywhere near one hundred would drive me batty.


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24. Mostly those are programs and/or folders that I access everyday. I have a shortcuts folder on my desktop in which I have all the other icons that I seldom use.


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I have the standard 4 icons, and sometimes a 5th with a new proggie. My menu sub-structure is perfect, lol, and broken down by category.

Current total is: 367 shortcuts in 47 nested folders.
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