How many hours per day do you spend in Gf


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I spend too much time here, It's addictive. I seem to log on for an hour, and still be here many hours later. But I'm not complaining. :lol::lol:


Sultan of Swat
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During the weekday, I'd probably say four to five hours a day. During the weekend it's about seven to eleven hours a day. But sometimes I don't post during that time, I just lurk around.


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I lurk quite a bit because I'll always have a window open if I have a browser open and check in every now and then if I'm online but I don't always say anything either. So it varies.


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Pretty much whenever I'm at my computer. I leave GF pulled up in a few windows while I work and generally check it as often as possible throughout the day.


I am the woolrus
If i'm not really doing anything i always have it on in the background, so really i can spend most of the day on GF, or at least with my eye on GF. Very casual in terms of actually posting though.
I'm on the internet a lot in general, and I have about 3 websites semi-permenantly open for that of them being GF.. so I think its fair to say I am here a lot! But most of that time I'm not actually here, if that makes sense..
I don't have a clue how many hours a day I spend on GF 'cos I tend to check new posts every now and again and then go to a different tab/site then come back, so yeh I dunno...
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