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How Many Hours do you spend on the Net


New Member
I was just taking the time out to kind of add this up and I do not want to even give you my answer. After adding this up I was just wondering how I have time to do anything else. I would have to tell you that my time on the internet was like working a 40 hour shift with overtime. How many hours do you spend on the net.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't really sit on the computer all day, I just randomly pop on and check the board or my downloads, ect. So.. 24 hours a day?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well my computer(s) are never turned off but I am on at least 40 hours a week for sure. I work full time doing graphic and web design for clients though so between that and running all of my forums and blogs I have a good amount of time spent online each day.