How Many Hours A Day Do You Listen To Music?



i listen to music though out the day.....sometime it keeps my for killing a few not joking:)


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Depends on how much I walk really. I listen to music to and from class and when I exercise.

I'd guess anywhere between 1-4 hours a day (depending on the day).


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I have pretty much the same kind of answer. It depends on what I'm doing in a given day, but I would venture to guess I listen to music for at least an hour a day.



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at least an hour. Killing my ears slowly but surely

I listen on the bus, in the car, waiting for whatever reason, doing homework sometimes...


I listen to musci at least 2-8 hours a day unless I'm at one of my friends house then we're usually to obusy causing trouble.
I listen to music from the second I wake up till the second I go to sleep. I am a music freak I cannot fall asleep without music. I do not know how I would live with out music, I truely don't.


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About 4 hours in school, between classes and lunch times, 2 hours if I have after school detention

12 hours on weekends and about 4 hours on a normal day


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Every hour that I ride in the car and when I can take my friend's ipod and listen to it^^; So I can say about 8 hours aday I listen to music, I can't ride in the car without it because I've gotten to use to it >>;