How many GF members does it take


"There can be only one!"
The answer is that it will take an infinite number of members to change a light-bulb. As one person screws it in, another will deny that it ever happened, or that it is indeed a light-bulb.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
At least 29 people:

1 to start a thread to ask for a consensus on how to go about it
1 to volunteer to change it
1 to tell the volunteer that he'll fail
1 to laugh at the volunteer for volunteering
1 to be suspicious of the volunteer. hmm, why does he want to do it?
1 to encourage the volunteer and rep him for his dedication
1 to suggest that the bulb should be turned clockwise
1 to say that turning left is always better
1 to back up "left turning" suggestion
1 to claim that there's a liberal conspiracy going on
1 to suggest that changing the light bulb is a socialist idea
1 to give a lecture on what socialism means
1 to tell a totally unrelated joke because he's sick of hearing about political bickering
1 to laugh at the joke even if it's not funny
1 to ask if his spree will be affected by the light bulb change
1 to ask if changing the light bulk will affect the color of the reps he receives
1 to neg the person above for the lulz
1 to attempt to bring back the discussion on topic
1 to question the need for changing the light bulb at this moment
1 to answer simply, "because we can"
1 to give a scientific response on the advantages of changing the light bulb and how it affects our health and the environment
1 to give a philosophical reason that no one understands, even himself
1 to tell the pseudo-scientist and pseudo-philosopher to stfu
1 to report person above for flaming
1 to blog about it while people are arguing and still undecided
1 to butt in after hours of reading the thread: "Seriously? This needed a discussion?"
1 who ignores the thread gets the bulb, changes it. done.
1 who would ask "who changed the bulb????!!"
1 who would say "praise the lord, it's a miracle"

....etc. etc.