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Games How Many Games Are On Your Phone?


How many games do you have on your mobile phone for gaming on the go?

These are all the games I currently have on my android phone.

-Angry Birds
-Candy Crush Saga
-Jetpack Joyride
-The Simpsons Tapped Out
-Robot Unicorn Attack
-GBA Emulator with Pokemon Games
-World of Goo
-Plants Vs Zombies
-Fruit Ninja

My faves are probably plants vs zombies and jetpack joyride. I love those games!


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I have an iPhone 4S (if that's relevant at all).

I have only one single game.

-Move The Box Pro

It's an incredibly simple yet difficult puzzle game that deals with creating chain reactions in a limited number of moves.

I used to have both Pacman and Sonic but deleted them a long time ago to make space for apps I will actually use.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I have a GBA emulator that I don't really use. Other than that I don't keep many games because I don't want the kids getting my phone and sitting around the house. I keep a couple of Angry Birds games, both Temple Run games, Anger of Stick, and Fruit Ninja.


I only have three games on my phone right now. Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and a shitty hockey game. I tend to download and delete a lot of games. Not many of them last more than a week on my phone.


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The ones that I've actually downloaded..

- 100 Doors 2013
- 29sec
- 4 Pics 1 Word
- Angry Birds Star Wars
- Army Sniper
- Bad Traffic
- Baseball Hero
- Baseball Superstars 2013
- Baseball Superstars 2011
- Beach Buggy Blitz
- Biker Mania Moto
- Biker Race
- Big Win Baseball
- Big Win Football
- Blood Brothers
- Boardtastic Skateboarding
- Boney The Runner
- Coin Dozer
- Cooking Dash
- D.O.T. Defender of Texel
- Darklord Legends
- Dead Rider
- Deity Wars
- Dino Dominion
- Dirt Bikes
- Downhill Xtreme
- Draw Something
- DSdroid (DS Emulator)
- Duke Nukem 3D
- Extreme Road Trip 2
- Family Fued & Friends
- Fantasica
- Fatal Frontier
- Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
- Flick Home Run!
- Flow Free
- Hardest Game Ever 2
- Hanging With Friends
- HellFire
- Hill Climb Racing
- History Attacks
- International Boxing Championships
- Iron Man 3
- John NES Lite (NES Emulator)
- Let's Golf! 3
- Logo Quiz
- Logo Quiz - Music Bands
- Logo Quiz - World Flags
- MARVEL War of Heroes
- MLB Winning Streak
- Moto X Mayhem
- Munep64+AE (N64 Emulator)
- My Boy! (GBA Emulator)
- NFL Matchups
- NFL Pro 2013
- NFL Pro 2012
- Ninja Action RPG
- Paplinko
- Please Stay Calm
- Pinball Arcade
- Pinball Deluxe
- Pinball Pro
- Pocket Frogs
- Pocket Planes
- Pool Billards
- Rage of Bahamut
- Real Basketball
- Robot Unicorn Attack 2
- Scarface
- SlenderMan
- Slice It!
- Subway Surfers
- Snes9x EX+ (SNES Emulator)
- Solitare
- Sports Logo Quiz
- Super KO Boxing 2
- The Simpsons: Tapped Out
- Theme Park
- Tiny Monsters
- Transformers Legends
- Trial Xtreme 3
- Ultimate Logo Quiz
- Vector
- Virtual Table Tennis 3D
- Word Search
- Zombiewood
- Zombie Highway

After making this list, I feel the need to clean off my phone, haha.


Geez Bob that's insane. How big is your phone? If I had that many games on my phone at once I'm pretty sure it would run out of space.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The only games I currently have on my phone are Spades and Temple Run. I've had some other games in the past, but I usually end up deleting them after a few days when I realize I'll probably never play them.


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Well, compared to BigBob I have absolutely none! I have 3 different versions of Solitaire and that's it for actual games.

I have EyeTricks
Speed Test (2 versions)
Zippo Lighter
Cool Facts
Quake Watch
iHandy Level
and MultiConvert, but I don't believe that one would consider any of those to be games.


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I have no idea how big the phone is, but a lot of those games are run off of a server, so it doesn't take up as much space as you'd think. I'm probably going to cut it down to 5-10 games. Some of them really are there wasting space.


Heavy Weapons Guy
Chess Puzzles
Move the Box

I like puzzle/strategy games. I have an iphone 4s. If I had more drive space, I think I might have a couple more that I deleted. But I usually use my phone for stuff like news/finance/stock trading. Most of the time that I would have to play games on my phone, I could just play games on my real computer instead.