How many forums are you on?


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How many forums is too many?

I was on my Yahoo home page and realized that all my bookmarks are forums....

That is when I realized that I am on 30 forums, 12 of which I am active the rest I just look in every now and then. I don't read very fast and type just as slow so I just like to lurk most of the time.....


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Probably 5 or 6, but really only GF on a regular basis. I stop by some others a few times a month to pick up odd coding or graphics jobs.
Just 1. GF. :D

Technically I am a member of several others (1 general, 2 or 3 snooker, umm I forget the rest) but this is the only one I ever visit.

I sometimes still consider myself active on my favourite snooker site but to be honest I only post there now to wish people happy birthday :/ and maybe during the WC. Which is now! yaaaaaaay


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I'm currently on one right now and that's Generalforum. But I do frequent five different forums just to read what the top members have to say about the respective sports I follow. I do plan on joining another forum soon but before that happens I actually want to make a name for myself here on GF because I'll really starting to get addicted to this place.


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I first got into forums because of a Sports one that Millz introduced me wasn't a bad one (I think about checking it out again), but GF makes it look like a drop in the bucket.


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just two - GF and my stepmom site. I joined another last year but never really posted there. the threads were all like 52 pages long. I gave up.


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I'm only really active on 2, GF and a music forum I joined about 5 years ago. But there are 2 others I visit every now and then, but combined I would only have about 300 posts.


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Just two places, this forum, and a general video game forum. I used to go to a few other places till I got bored of them or I got banned.


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One other, The Escapist forums. Technically, I'm also on Anime Forum dot com, but I don't consider myself to be active.

I have considered joining one other, but the whole paying for an account thing is putting me off a little. Not from having to pay, but from worrying that I'm going to get myself banned somehow and would have wasted my cash.