How many Ex's do you have?

How many Ex's

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This question only counts for people you have actually been bf/gf or married to. Not people you have been out with etc...
I'll go with 0 cos I've never really been in a serious relationship. Seeing my friends all puppy-eyed and sickly is enough to put me off for a few years. Ok maybe not quite a few years, I am 18 afterall :lol:


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Being 20 I'm still young and fairly new to all this.

I've only had a few serious relationships. I don't really like relationships getting too serious as I'm young and not ready for a major commitment.


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one very long one. Haha, I dated a guy for 6 years and finally cut it off! Best decision ever, learned a lot from it and miss him as a friend, but really love the freedom I have now and really love crushing on boys, haha.


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I have three ex least according to my count. I only considered those serious/exclusive relationships. Longest one was 4 years straight.


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Too many... one or two that have lasted over a year or two, and then quite afew that have lasted only afew months.


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Two both named Dave. Kinda creepy. But Two others who I dated for about a week and was on the verge of becoming their girlfriend with.


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I voted 0 (still with the same person), however that's both wrong and right.
We split up and got back together again.
So I have both 0 exes and 1