How many different houses have you lived in?


Sally Twit
I lived with my parents up until a few months ago. I now live with Syndicate.

I've only ever lived in 2 different houses so I never had the hard job of having to get used to change.

How about you?


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I've lived in three houses. The first one I was too young to remember. Lived in the second one for 17 years. And this one for 7 years.


I am the edge!
I lived in 6 different houses growing up, and then I moved into my current apartment and have been here for the last six years. I'm getting ready to make another move now though, and I'm not really looking forward to the change. The temporary stability was nice.


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First in germany(where i was born),than to my homeland lebanon,then to another place in lebanon,then to vaccation in germany in another house(just vaccation though),so i lived four different houses


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At least 14...

3 from when I was married
3 from university period
8 from when I was living with mom (from the age I can remember)