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How many courses?


Sally Twit
When you go out to eat do you normally have two or more courses?

Most of the time I will just have a main meal but from time to time I will have a dessert.
I am one of those people that is never comfortable having dessert or a starter unless someone else is. I hate people watching me eat when they're not eating.


Creeping On You
I always just have the one meal. The meal usually costs enough as it is, and so dessert would cost extra. Sometimes I'll get appetizers as well though. Depends on whats on the menu.


Registered Member
Depends. First off I hardly ever order dessert I am usually full at that point.

Additionally restaurants usually give a large portion of dessert that is too much for me. I have a small sweet tooth but after a little bit I am satisfied and do not want anymore.

I usually order a soup and then a main meal if I am out.


Registered Member
First off, thank you for so many food threads, Blissbomb. Now I'm off to tear through my cookbooks. :lol:

I don't eat out often--maybe once every two months with family or friends--but when I do, I only nibble at the appetizer, have a salad/soup, and regularly take home leftovers. I only eat dessert 5% of the time, I'd say. But I'm the same in that I don't like having extras if someone else isn't sharing it with me. Eating out is more for the social aspect for me, so it seems rude.


yellow 4!
I will only have a starter if everyone else is, they're usually not all that appetizing to me for some reason, and I'd prefer to not wait between that and the main meal. But eh, my family always has them so I'm accustomed to doing so as well. And I only ever have dessert if I didn't have a starter, someone else is, and something looks really good. Otherwise, I'm not fussed about it as I'm usually too full.

So, usually 2 courses. Starter and main. Though my preference would probably be main and dessert depending on le menu.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Typically it's just the main course when I'm out to eat unless you count a salad as a starter. I know it's different in some places but in the US we get the salads before the actual meal so I dunno if that counts.

When we're out I'll rarely ever have dessert.


Registered Member
I generally only go out to eat with my fiance. Most of the time we will have two courses. We never get a starter each time or a dessert each time, depends on what we fancy, but whatever we get, 9 times outta 10 it's always a sharer one, they're so much better than anything else! haha


Well-Known Member
I always just get the one course.

The one course by itself is usually so filling there's no reason to have more than one course.

I have gone out to just get dessert or an appetizer before but no matter what I only get the one course unless the others are free. (I've had free dessert before)