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Question How many courses?


Sally Twit
When you go out to eat, how many courses do you usually have?

I am happy just having a main and I will occasionally browse the dessert menu if I am not too full. I am not a big fan of starters, but if I go out in a group I'll often have one if they all want to.


yellow 4!
I'm used to having a starter because my parents always do everywhere we go, but unless there's something on the menu I really like, I'd rather have a dessert. That said, I usually skip dessert anyway because I don't like feeling overly stuffed.

So usually 2 courses but sometimes just 1. At a restaurant, that is. At home, I normally always have something sweet after dinner (but no starter).


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm exactly the same as Bex...when I go out to eat with others I enjoy an appetizer. I love junk appetizer food but with someone else sharing it's usually not too much to ruin your dinner.

My course also remains two at home, but with dessert. My Dad and I are big on sweets, so there's always some cookies or snack cakes around and I'll usually have one after dinner. I like something sweet to cleans my palette I guess, but when I'm out I'm usually too full for that.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
At home we always had a main and dessert but when I got out I am similar to both Dio and Rebecca on that one.

Sometimes I'll have the starter...or I'll like share it with someone or something and then the main. Its rare I'll have a starter and a main AND a dessert. Just too much food usually haha


When I go out for an expensive meal I usually have an entree, main and dessert. If it's just a normal cheaper restaurant with big servings usually just a main is fine. I'm often too full for dessert.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Just the main meal. I'm not really a dessert fan unless it's banana split. And I don't mind not having appetizers unless the main meal takes ages to prepare.

In normal house sit down meals though, we could spend hours for the meal: appetizers, main meal, cheese course, dessert, coffee/tea


New Member
I generally have 2 course. And I am also fond of having something sweet after dinner. Feel incomplete without sweet.


Well-Known Member
I generally have two courses, an appetizer and a main. I like getting a appetizer to share, like some sort of bread or mixed platter. I rarely have dessert, and even when I do I never finish it so it's a waste.


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Just the mail course because most the times when I go out, I always get a chicken parma and most of those times, I barely finish it because I am full and the last thing on my mind is more food.