How many computers do you have?

How many (working) computers do you have?

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Let me rephrase that, how many working computers do you have that you actually use daily or often?

In our household we have three computers that we use daily or often. My wife has her laptop, and I have my desktop which I use daily, then I have my laptop which I use once in a while or when I go out of town.

We have a fourth computer that works, and is hooked up, but we don't use it. It's somewhat old, and because of its rarity of use, it still is pretty fast. I think it has Windows 2000 on it, but I figured we'd save it for our kids to mess up when they get older.


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I have three. One I use as my main, the second doesn't get used often but sits right next to my main. Both have XP Professional on them. Then I also have a laptop but it's pretty crappy by today's standards. It has Windows XP Professional on it as well.

Last I have a parts PC (and a bunch of spare parts not used for anything currently) that could probably be made to run Windows XP if I sat down and put it together.

I have 4 of 5 copies of Windows XP Pro so needless to say even if I get a new computer in the near future I won't have to resort to Vista immediately.


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I have two computers, one laptop and one desktop. Since I am away from home the only one I have been using is the laptop.


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I have three computers, 2 laptops & a desktop, considering this poll is to vote how many working computers you have, I'll vote two, desktop crashed ages ago.
In our household there is 6 working computers. 5 of them get used regularly, and thats my laptop, my pc, my dads work computer, his personal computer, and my mums laptop).

My brothers PC, the sixth, doesn't get used because he doesn't live here anymore. So I'll vote 5.


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Working, we have one PC and two Macs.

There's my PowerMac G4 at 1.4 GHz (Graphite with Sonnet Encore/ST) which I use every day, Dad's PowerMac G4 at 450 MHz (Graphite with original G4), both Tiger.
There's also Mom's PC, an HP d330 uT at 2.8 GHz P4, 512 MB RAM.

My PowerMac has 1.5 GB RAM, Dad's has 384 MB RAM.

Semi-working, I have an HP d330 uT, 2.8 GHz P4, 1.2 GB RAM. I did have Ubuntu on it, tried to put Windows XP Professional on it, but FAIL and so I need an OS on it.

Non-working, I have an eMachines T2542, 2.5 GHz Celron. Needs RAM, other half of heat sink bracket and hard drive.

Also, Compaq S6500NX, 2.18 GHz AMD Athlon XP, needs RAM, hard drive, and 5.25" drives.


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I used to own 3 until 2 of them broke down, with 2 broken computers I took the better pieces of each computer (RAM, case, video card, processor, Hard drive, CD/DVD Drive, etc.) and combined them into 1 computer.

So You could say that I have 2 computers but I use 4 all the time I just own 2.

So I'll vote 2


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We have 2 working computers. My brother and I both have a laptop. I have a desktop computer but I don't use that as much.


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I have three: two laptops and one desktop. I use one of the laptops all the time, the other I keep around for downloading music or other things. The desktop is specifically for gaming.