How many children do you have?

How many kids do you have?

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I too have a spiritual child, as I said above, my girl. She would be 3 now.
I'm sorry to hear that. And, not to be insensitive, but does it ever get easier? I'm not sure if it will for me, because our son shares a birthday with both of our fathers.


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I too have a spiritual child, as I said above, my girl. She would be 3 now.
That's a great point.

I wasn't exactly aware of the fact that this concept may actually exist until I read that book "Heaven Is For Real" in which it described how the babies that die before birth are actually up there. So...... given that this story MAY be real...... that suddenly means I have a 5-year-younger "Spiritual Brother".

Kinda amazing when you think about it, since we wonder just how in the F they have an identity up there when they weren't even given the chance to find out who they are down here first. So I'm just kinda curious about that whole aspect of it now.


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"Spiritual child" is a lovely way to put it.. I like that :) . and hope you do see them again in Heaven..

My two adult children make me proud. Neither wants to have children of their own - at least not any of the two-footed variety. I have a grandhorse, two granddogs, two grandcats, anad a grandtortoise. This is ok with me. i stay in touch with an old girlfriend of our son's and she lets me be Grammy to her four young children.


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in my early 20's i thought about just dating and not getting married and no kids. about the age of 27 i was engaged to a woman named lynn.
she was as nice as maria except that we got into a lot of stupid arguments. lynn didn't get down on one knee but she did the asking. her daughter had passed away in her sleep before i met lynn. so lynn was living with her 16 year old son. dan was not considered my son because he was already 16 and ready to graduate. since his father was still alive how can anyone else be considered his father?

one day lynn told me that she could not have children anymore. she told me that she wanted to reverse the surgery and have a baby. i told her that's ok i'm not good with babies. besides she was in her late 40's and i didn't think that was good to start again. so instead we talked a child 4yrs and older. well we never got married and that's a long story.

but once i dated a woman who had 2 children 8 and 13. she wanted me to be their father. i kind of liked the idea because i liked being with them but i explained that it would not be a good idea since i was losing my vision. you can't be with a woman if you can't be with her kids. they needed a father who can be responsible for them. although they liked me i had to live and think about the future and what was best.

so as you can see I never had kids. that's why i act like a kid myself and never fully grew up. well if you don't have kids then you have to act the part if you know what i mean.