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How many chances before negging?


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How many chances do you give a seller to "make it right" before giving a negative. In all but one auction, I was given a refund upon returning the item, so I didn't leave any feedback or left a positive.

Do you complain before negging?


what? no pink?
well the only negative I left, I waited for 5 months before leaving it. during this time I emailed several times and asked for my money back. then just before I left the negative I called her and she said I had the wrong number. So I went in and left her the negative. I got my money back the next day. funny how that works. :D

but I think I was MORE than patient with her. I would never wait that long again LOL besides I don't think you can leave feedback that late anymore. That was back in the day :nod:


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Technically if you wait more than 90 days the option to leave feedback can disappear, so it's good to do it before then if you are going to do it at all. :)


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Do you complain before negging?
Always, because most sellers will try to make it right and I think it's only fair to give them the opportunity. The one time I did leave negative feedback I waited as long as I could. Thirty days seems like a reasonable amount of time to give someone to resolve a problem.


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Thirty days IS a reasonable amount of time. I usually will send a seller two emails-- if I don't get a response, I'll warn them that I'm going to give a negative. That usually perks them right up. Forunately, it doesn't happen very often.


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Of course you should complain before leaving a negative! The thing could have gotten lost in the mail, or the seller could have made a simple mistake. I sold hundreds of things on Ebay, and sometimes, things outside my control happened. I once had an entire shipment (about 7 packages) stolen from the post office box. I refunded or resent as soon as I knew the packages were missing. If the people had just negged instead of telling me they didn't get their package, it would hardly be fair, would it?