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How many books have you read?

a rough estimate is fine....

i've read at least 3000 books..... thats a low guess but i kind of lost track after elementry school. i am a big reader and writer. In another thread i posted about having checked out 28 books at once from the library if that helps show how much of a reader i am. in fact i will probably go read the shell house for the gazillionth time after i finish posting this.......

and in the interest of getting replies i will say this.... i am aware of the fact that i am a geek and most peoples numbers wont be above 200.... post them anyway... i like to compair my geekyness to peoples non-geekyness


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Thousands for sure. From school (I love to hang out in the library and read there or borrow), collections as kid and teen, and later just novels or whatever to pass the summer time when there's no school books to read. I used to have so much time that I'd do a thrift bookstore-hop just to buy 5 to 10 books I'd read in a week.


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I never really counted, but I bet I'm close to a few hundred already. I love reading as long as the story absorbs me.


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Good god, that's a hard question. I've read so many books, not to mention the ones I've read more than once. Most definitely in the thousands, but I have no idea how much.


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At least 3. I suppose I should have kept tally. :)

Edit: I always forget that people on the internet don't know me, and thus can't pick up on my sarcasm. I've read lots, really. At least 6. ;)
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I'm not sure if I've read 1000's but I know the number is way up there. I've been an avid reader since I learned how wonderful it was to get lost in another world.


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Does this include children's books? If so I've probably read about 100 books.


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I want to say just over a thousand. I love books but I'm also selective :)