How Long?

This may sound kind of strange, and frankly, it' boggling me too, but how long does a company have to run a card based payment through? Is there even a time limit?

I made a purchase on January 5, 2007 of some supplies I needed for a class from a local business.

2 weeks later, the payment hadn't posted to my account. I didn't think anything of it until a month passed. My bank said something about them having 90 days.

It is now April 10, 2007 and this payment still hasn't gone into my account. Well over the 90 days that my bank mentioned. Does this still make me responsible for paying this if the guy obviously hasn't taken the time to run it through? It's really frustrating to me.


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I don't think there is a limit. For example, I've preordered software in the past and my card is usually not charged until the package ships. This could be any amount of time later. It all depends on how early you gave them your credit card.

If you ever change your mind on something that has not been charged yet it's always a safe idea to call and cancel your order.

Did you actually receive the supplies you ordered? If so then you have to pay, but if not then you can probably cancel your order if you have changed your mind.
This purchase was done at a store. I bought paints and paid (or so I thought) right there on the spot. It was not like it was something online. That's what is really strange to me. I've never had a store purchase take this long to clear. I even signed for it, so it's not like the card wasn't run.


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I suggest calling the store and seeing if they can help you clear up your concerns. I'm sure if they haven't run your card yet that they will have no problem running it. After all it means more money for them. ;)
I called my bank and talked to them about it. There is a 90 day limit for a store to do this, so if they try and charge me now, my bank will chargeback to them. So apparently, I'm no longer responsible for paying them!


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The company I work for can take up to a month to run a card through their system, though there are other factors involved.