How long will Swagger?


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Alright a few questions here.

What are your thoughts on Jack Swagger as the Champion?

How long do you think he'll keep the belt for?

Do you think it's to early for him to have the strap?
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I think Jack as a champion will be rather entertaining to watch, he seems to have a different appearance with the belt. He seems more serious and less cocky and ready to pick a fight.

How long will he stay champion will be the million dollar question here. I think that he'll at least last through the month. Possibly even to June.

I don't think it's too early, Sheamus got his championship after being on Raw for only two months. So giving Swagger his title now doesn't bother me. In fact I think it was a good idea since it throws a cog into the Edge and Jericho feud.


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Jack Swagger as World Champion is awesome. I love that the WWE is attempting to create another star like they did with Sheamus. Guys like McIntyre and Kingston are also getting a chance to shine. WWE gets shit for the top guys never changing but finally they are doing something about it.

I hope he gets a good 3-4 month reign as champion to get him over with the audience. I agree his demeanor is awesome right cocky but without seeming like he's trying to be.

I dont think its too soon. Sheamus being the obvious example. This day in age with two championships its okay to do this. Back in the day with one champion it was tougher.


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I think that it is way to soon for Swagger gaining the World Title, it sure will be entertaining but I think he will only have the title for two months, but who knows. I am a Swagger fan, but he does not have the mic skills to be a world champion.


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It's not the first time the WWE (excluding the Sheamus example) has put the belt on a young or new talent without a ton of experience. Swagger is probably one of the top choices for this sort of thing, with his amateur background he's just really impressive in the ring.

I could see him reigning for at least a few months, I mean I don't think he'd be a transitional champ with the money-in-the-bank case, but you never know! I could definitely see his reign extending because Edge and Jericho sort of cost each other the title opportunity and continue feuding on their own.