How long will it take to rewatch a typical anime?


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How long do you guys wait when you want to watch a series all over again? Is there a certain length of time that needs to be passed before you revisit your old dvds or fansubs, or can you break them out a few weeks after finishing a series?

I tend to wait a year or two when the anime tends to fade off my mind and I can't remember every detail of it anymore. There has been exceptions like FMA and Gundam Wing.


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Hmmm depends on the series. Sometimes 2 years or 6 months. I think I average about 8 months to a year.

Sometimes Ill re-watch the series mainly because Ill buy the dvds after it was licensed.


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Whenever i feel like it.

Took me a while to watch Kiddy Grade again after i finished collecting, i've seen Hellsing three times and Bebop twice (but that isn't finished so it doesn't count)


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Depends on how long it is, sometimes a week but if its long 6 months to a year. But there are so many factors I cant give a good answer.


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If I am motivated I can watch about 5 episodes a day so if it is 50 episodes then about 10 days