How long will CD's last


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How long do you think it will be before we are a download-only world ??


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When people stop buying Cd's and record labels realize they have to focus entirely on taxing downloads. I'm sure that will take some time since there are so many "collectors" out there that would be lost without a physical copy..


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Quite frankly I don't like CDs and DVDs. If you set one down on an uneven surface and it gets scratched, you'll need to pay some good money to repair it. They're so fragile... :-/


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They way I see it, it took about 20-30 years to completely phase out tapes, and not everyone has a computer or internet access. So maybe another 20 years to go. But yes, they are on the way out.


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I read in the news today that in the UK the company who sell the most CD singles are now going to phase them out by the end of august, and focus on promoting download sales instead, because singles just are not selling.

So yeah, it is already happening. But I think it would be a long time before albums go - I will still buy an album from a band/artist I really like, for the album art, to have the actual product in my hands, even if I hardly ever play CDs aprt from in the car.


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I really think that they might have like 5-7 years left at the most, online stuff is getting more and more popular, even if I don't prefer downloading music. :(


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Me, i havent bought a CD in 3 years. I'm suprised people still do, they are a big waste of money. But being in a slow world, I wouldnt be suprised if the move takes 15-20 odd years.


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I'd still want some for bands I really like.

Maybe CDs will become more of a symbol, like when an artist's album goes gold or platinum, they still have an old school record on the award.


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I think we're more a download world than anything else just now...

I honestly worry for the world of music....

I really do...


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You shouldnt worry for the music world.

they wont be making 9999999999999$ anymore, but their shows will still generate a good million.. or even over half a million dollars to sit on.. still quite a good living wouldnt you say?