How long to adjust


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I have to write the date quite a few times at work so it shouldn't take me any longer than a week.
I don't think I've had to write OR even type it yet. Apart from when wishing people a 'happy 2009.' I do remember in school though that I'd make the mistake of writing the previous year a few times before I got adjusted. Thats when we had to write the date at the top of our work every day.


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I've messed it up a few times already, but I think I got most of that out of my system now. I'm sure I'll still write the wrong year a couple more times though at some random moment far down the road when my mind is elsewhere. I can be a bit scatterbrained at times.


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I will make the mistake a few times when i get back to work,it will take me a week or two writing out work tickets to get 08 out of my head.
Most dates i enter usually have a button to auto click the date, so nowadays it doesn't take very fact i can't remember the last time i actually hand wrote the date on something


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It comes pretty easy for me to be honest. I havn't messed up with the date this year yet. I just keep remembering that its 2009 now.