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How long should a couple date before getting engaged?


Registered Member
Do you think there's a set amount of time that a couple should date before getting engaged? Or maybe a certain milestone they should reach? (Barring pregnancy.) My friends were super surprised when I got engaged after nine months of dating. I realized it might be a little quick, especially in a time when people often live together before getting married and whatnot. My parents set a ridiculous bar for me about what's normal in this situation. They got engaged after two weeks of dating (and still happily married 37 years later). But I know they're the exception, not the rule. So what do you think? Is there a minimum amount of time/some other milestone that should be reached? What do you think the average is these days?


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I really think that depends on the couple NellyBell. If there are any reservations from either side, they should date long enough to build trust in each other. I dated my husband for 4 years before we married. He was in Viet Nam for one year and we were both in college for three years.


Creeping On You
I don't think there's a set rule. Different things work for different people. What works for one couple could be disastrous for another if they try to follow suit. Just do what feels natural, and be honest with each other. For some it takes 10 years, for some 2 weeks lol