How long does it take you to get work/school?


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It takes me about 5 minutes to get to work. Not long i know but it's nice to work close to home. Some people in my company live about an hour away, i think of all the time wasted in travelling and if it's worth it.

How long does it take you ?


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It takes me literally 5 minutes, by walking to get to my College, its so close it would actually take longer to go by car.:lol:
When I was at school it took me about 10 minutes. Literally just down the road. However, I used to walk past my friends house on the way, to walk with her, and that always added on an extra 5 mins, but meh.


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20-25 minutes depending on the highway traffic. Its not a bad commute.


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About 35/40 minute walk to my lectures (my department is at the wrong end of campus) and 30 minute walk to the library, where I pretty much live. I don't mind I like walking a lot, and it means I've done exercise in a day without even realising.


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I get picked up from home and dropped off too,so i guess if you counted the time it takes to walk to the van about 15 seconds,20 if its a frosty morning lol.


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If I catch the bus, it takes me 5 minutes to get to school, but if I walk in my lazy pace it's 30 - 35 minutes.