How long does it take you to fall asleep


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On a ordinary night of sleep how much time does it take you guys do you usually fall asleep?? What I mean normal is going to bed at a reasonable time to wake up for your working day or an early wake up to attend something.


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It usually takes me ten to fifteen minutes depending how tired I am. Sometimes I'll close my eyes and I'll fall asleep right away.

Not being able to fall asleep right away is something that I do not enjoy very much.
Once my head hits the pillow, less than a minute. Falling asleep is not a problem for me at all. Now, I just need to figure out how to stay asleep.
A long time. Sometimes I get fed up cause it just doesn't happen so I get up and do whatever I was doing before I went to bed *ahem* internet.

I don't mind too much though, I can be lying awake for hours without a problem if I feel like 'day'dreaming.


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A few minutes at most, but yeah sometimes I just drop and sleep in two seconds...

I'm going to assume that some of you guys tend to think alot?


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I've never been able to fall asleep quickly. My husband will fall asleep mid-sentence sometimes! Drives me crazy. Sometimes it takes me as little as 15 minutes, sometimes I lay there for an hour or two. I often get up and read or something until I feel more tired.


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If i'm tired and going to sleep at a reasonable hour, then 5ish minutes. The later it gets, the more trouble I have falling asleep and it normally takes me about an hour. Lately though, i've had no trouble getting to sleep the first time, it's the multiple times I wake up during the night which it's impossible to get to sleep after.


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It probably takes me an average of 20-30 minutes to fall asleep, even if I'm really tired. I can only fall asleep faster if I'm stoned or drunk. I've always had trouble falling asleep. If I try to go to bed early or if it's too warm, it can take an hour or two before I fall asleep.