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how long does it take for my posts to be seen?


New Member
how long does it take for your posts to be up and how do you know where to find them :(


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I think the first 50 are subject to review by a moderator. However during my first 50 some were immediate. I wasn't able to determine what the criteria was.


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It depends on how long it takes a moderator to see it and approve it. Usually it's within an hour or two. If your posts aren't approved right away, please don't try reposting it. Thanks.


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Hello and welcome to GF! :D The invisible post thing is just to protect the site from spammers and stuff. Just do what I did and keep posting. They will start showing up immediately after a while.
And this site is DEF worth waiting for! :nod: It's the best forum I ever joined and I've been posting for years and years!
Anyway, where are you from? What are your interests? Is there snow where you are? It's already January and we still dont have any snow. :stare: It's getting REAL depressing.


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Also you can click on your name (or go to your profile page) and select the option to view your posts. If your post isn't listed yet, it is probably under moderation so just wait til it gets approved. If there are no mods online when you posted, chances are it won't get approved that instance (we manually approve them).