How long do you work out?


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There is "What time do you work out" thread, and I felt like making this one.

When I firstly started Gym, was a rough 12 weeks ago. I used to go to Gym, daily, about 4 hours per day. As weeks passed, the time got shorter. I prefer playing sports than going to Gym. I spend like 45 mins in gym in every week. I've became busier lately. School of course, but since this is last week of school, I am willing to go again and maybe 2 hours now.


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Roughly a day? On Tues Wed. Frid Sat roughly an hour. On Monday and and Thursday iI lift probably for an hour and a half since thats chest and tricep day.

I use to spend almost 2 and half hours a day when I was lifting and running. But I havent run in about 4 weeks. I just dont care for it much.


Well, I'm on the cross-trainer for an hour each day. Then stretching for about 15 minutes. Sit-ups, crunches, etc., then I'm done. Some days I use the weight machines and/or run a little after everything else, so I add about 30 minutes on those days. I go 5 days a week.


I don't spend much time with weights, though.
I lifts weights in quick tempo(about 30-40min usually in one workout, sometimes 60min).
I don't keep exact "book" of it.
But about 30-40min.
I try now to drops my weight about 3 kg.
So if i lifts weights very much, it hardly drops the weight.
But on the other hand, the 100 meter runners to needed the muscles.
I am overweight, about 3-5 kg, though.
Even if i get to drops my weight some, i have always a fat more or less around my stomach.
I suspects that i just don't train enough much.
I haven't ever been very tight guy.
Hard? lol


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I try to make it at least 45 minutes to an hour long, any after an hour would be extra work but by that time my body is sore and worn out. I sometimes lose track of how long I've been working out and stop a little early when I dont feel the pain, it sucks.