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Discuss How Long Do You Leave Your Christmas Tree Up After Christmas?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Now that Christmas is over, how long do you wait before taking your tree down? How long is too long to leave it up?

We'll probably wait a week or two, but it will be down by weekend of the 7th, I imagine.

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Living in Ikoria
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I'm Catholic so I'll probably wait until the 7th - that's what my family has always done. It's the day after the Epiphany - when the Three Kings visited and the end of the traditional 12 Nights of Christmas I believe.


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When i was a little kid we actually left our artificial Christmas tree up until July one year. We stopped noticing it until someone suddenly said, "Hey, the Christmas tree is still up!" Then we took it down for the next five months before putting it up again.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't put up a Christmas tree at my house anymore because of my dog(he liked to jump in mine). But, when I lived at my parents way back when, we used to take it down two or three days after New Year's Day.


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When we put up dying trees (real cut trees), we waited for them to start to shed needles.

We have a live tree in a pot. Lights and such will come off it in a week or two. First nothing else going on weekend, usually.


Free Spirit
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I don't put up one anymore. When I did I took it down within a couple of days after Christmas.


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Usually a month, maybe 2 at the longest. It's not like it's a hard chore or anything...it's just time consuming and I'm reeeeeeeeeal lazy about remembering/caring to take it down.



Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
We put ours up right after Thanksgiving or in early December and take it down in the first week of January after the holiday season is officially over.

Pretty boring and traditional if you ask me. We don't strictly keep to that schedule, either.


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Usually take everything off (from Christmas tree to lightings and such) the first weekend after New Year's, so this year will be January 7th or 8th.

I actually know some people who kept their Christmas lightings until Easter. No joke.