How Long Can You Hold A Grudge ???

I can hold a grudge for many years especially if I get screwed over by someone.


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I've never held a real long grudge on somebody to be honest with you, maybe because no as pissed me off so much for me to hold a grudge against them. But I am sure if they did I would hold a long grudge against them.


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I would have to have been done really wrong to hold a grudge.. But if something bad enough happened for me to hold a grudge I will hold it for a long, long time. The only time I tend to hold grudes are in romantic relationships, which probably is not the best time to hold a grudge, but like I said it would have to be something horrible and definitely breakup worthy.


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I can hold a grudge as long as I want. Given that it's rare for me to be truly angry at something, I suppose when that happens, it's really bad. So, rare + really bad = easy decision to hold a grudge. :lol:


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Depends on what kind of grudge. I've never not talked to someone ever again because of one thing they did. I have, however, just become irritated with them and never let it go in my mind. Like its always there in the back of my head when I talk to them. So I guess I can do it for a while, but sometimes I wish I could let go easier.


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The only person that I have held a grudge with was my brother. We didnt speak for over two years then finally I just got fed up with it and we started talking. having grudges is just bad for your soul/ health. When I was not talking to him every time I bumped in to him it was very hard and my stomach would do funny things. It just isnt worth it.


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I can hold a grudge for years if I must, but when it's just about small things, then I usually hold a grudge until Konshentz makes me smile. Ha. (Which isn't very long.) Sometimes I can be mad at him for a couple hours... :p


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I can't really hold a grudge against someone that's close to me, I always give in.

But when it comes to playing footy and if someone talks shit to you, I hold a grudge and I wait for the next game we play against them so I can vent my anger onto them by violence, a slight punch in the guts when the umpire isn't watching..shame the bloke is playing footy in my team now.


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I'm a very forgiving person, so I usually don't hold grudges for very long. It takes a lot for me to hold a grudge against someone to the point of not talking to them for a long time. It's happened within the past year, however. I pretty much stopped talking to my best friend. There wasn't any one thing that did it. It was a ton of things that added up over the years, and when I confronted him about it his response was less than satisfactory. I went about 5-6 months without taking his phone calls. Finally saw him in January and tried to patch things up. Haven't talked to him since then and I don't really care to.


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I don't consider myself to be the type to hold grudges. Simply put if someone is in my life I am willing to forgive them. If they do something I can't forgive then they will no longer be in my life. I guess that is holding a grudge for a lifetime, glass half empty/ half full to me. But if I don't trust someone, I write them off. Why bother? Any random jack can try to screw you over, why set yourself up?