How long can yo go without your favorite food??


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I was just wondering how long can you usually go without your favorite food before getting that final urge that will lead you to doesn't have to be a full meal, just one item will do. Or if it's a meal then that's fine too.


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For the right incentives I could go indefinitely. I am not one to give in easily if I am purposely trying to go without a food for whatever reasons. I used to drink a lot of pop/soda and I quit it all but completely due to wanting to be more health conscious. I will maybe have it once a year but I could definitely skip it then too if I wanted to.


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You know I love my favorite food but I could probably go indefinitely without it if there was a good reason.


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Well chocolate was and probably still is my favorite food, but when I start working out I gave it up completely, and I went a few months without eatting any, which is pretty impressive for me. I still eat from time to time, but not like I use to.
I have lots of favourite foods so if I only had to give one of them up then I'm sure I could give it up completely. I tend to go through stages anyway, so I do last long periods without what I once considered my favourite.
I'd like to say indefinitely, but when I crave something, especially my favorite chicken salad, I have an overwhelming urge to eat it right then.
I can't say for sure how long I could go without, but probably no more than a month.


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My favourite food is cheese, and I can't go super long without it. I always just gotta have it and I eat tons of it.


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I can definitely go indefinitely with the right incentives (like Hybrix said)

It really wouldn't be all that hard I don't think, unless your favorite food is something simple and found in hundreds of foods like "cheese" but if it's a very specific thing like a Monte Cristo sandwich or something then it's different.


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Well, my favourite foods change all the time as I discover new foods, so I can't really say. Although, if I crave something, I have to have it within a couple days, so I could probably only go a couple days without it.


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I think that, because one of my favourite foods is sushi, I can get away with not eating it for a very long time. More importantly, it keeps the awesome taste consistently fresh when I get to try it.

Cheese, on the other hand, I find myself having constantly. I try to get away for a couple of days, but I always find myself eating more. =(