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TV How is Undercover Boss even possible?


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Staff member
I don't get this show. I mean, I understand the idea behind the show, but if you haven't seen it, take a look:

YouTube - Igor from Undercover Boss--Heart warming story that will make you cry

If you look at all the camera shots they use, there's no way this guy doesn't know he's on camera. There's probably an entire crew following them around...


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I always figured they just said they were making a show about something else, I dunno like dirty jobs, only not dirty :shrugs:


My friends and I watched the debut episode of this when they aired it after last years Super Bowl. The way they explained it, they told the employees that they are filming a reality show basically about a day in the life of their job, and that the Undercover Boss is just a regular guy trying out all the different positions in the company. Not sure if it's changed any since that first episode. I remember when we watched they even had the regular employees talk to the camera about what the boss did well and what he did poorly on.