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How is music changing the world as we know it?


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
We've all seen the music video's and heard the lyrics, and we've all seen the after effects of what's it doing. But how is it really shaping the world as we know it. I've seen people around me now acting all gangster acting as if death does not even phase them. The girls are shaking their buts and wearing too much skin revealing clothes. So Tell me how you think the music is changing the world and why.


It is a harmful matter because of the music and also the lyrics in it changes the appearence and the feelings of the person who listens to it.

Ragnarok General

Alot of the music around these days is horrible on like 9 different levels. And as much as everyone says it isn't most of the bad influence is coming from rap music. Don't get me wrong there is some good rap songs out there but alot of it degrades women to the extreme and gets the guys that listen to it thinking that they are some kind of king. Personally I think rap music is behind it all we should just stick to the oldies.


Ms. Malone
HA! Sounds like what you described was influenced by RnB. But yeah, music influences people. I listen to rock n emoish stuff so i occasionally wear black, but i'm not too effected.


Forum Drifter
I have nothing against skin revealing clothes lol. Anyways, music definitely shapes people and influences them. It can be a wonderful thing. However, it can have some very negative effects. I don't like rap anyway, so I don't carry a 9 or say yo a lot.


sure it affects young people who have no clue what direction they want to take in life so they are influenced by famous people in hopes that if they become like them they will be liked and will be popular in their social groups, but i dont think it has too much of a groundshaking affect on the important people in society, IE the authority figures, politicians, businesspeople, etc. Just the younger generation who will for the most part grow up and realize what iditos they made of themselves and laugh it off and become CEOs. :)


I dont think music is an influence, it reflects the times/changes.


yes. music is always changing the world. like for example if it said "clean up clean up the earth" or sumthin like that, i bet one or two people would always think back at the song and just try and pick something up.. although it might get annoying. i think eminem's lyrics are definitely changing the world. hip hop also is changing the world. when there are half naked girls grinding all on ONE guy. it would influence the world.. especially the younger kids that don't know much yet.


I respect your opinion, of course, but it's hard to believe one factor can change the world entirely. Especially since a lot of us listen different types of music.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Music will not change the world, I think you have seen "Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure" one to many times. If people take music lyrics to literally then that is their own stupidity.