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how is everyone tonight?


New Member
when people wreck your head completely :/
theres always that annoyin little person you want to punch haha :')

i got moaned at for writing in italics .. how pathetic is that please

im in a moaning mood haha :)

how is everyone else? :rolleyes:


Registered Member
I love this thread!

I have an odd feeling that i dodged a bullet even though i havnt left the house when i try really hard i can feel it. Like almost relived or something. Weird right.

Someone also told me not to write in italics once, that just made me keep doing it :-/


Lion Rampant
I just woke up from a nap and I'm disoriented. My left pinky toe is purple and twice its normal size. It's a damn good day.


Registered Member
I hate you, and everything that you represent.


The Instigator
my nose is running. not literally though. just the snot.

it's annoying. and my throat is scratchy.
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