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How important is your cell phone?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm curious to know how important is your Cell Phone to you? Do you always have it with you? Do you turn it off when you go to bed? Do you turn it off at all? Do you use it often, sending text messages, calling someone, playing a game...you name it?

Personally my cell phone is really important to me, I always have it on me, it's always on(unless my battery is about to die.) I don't talk much on it since I prefer sending text messages instead. I do have the internet on my phone so I use it for that sometimes, and I play a few games here and there.

How about you guys? If you don't have a cell phone, please don't reply saying you don't have one.


It's not important at all. I'm not really related to it. I can leave it home and it doesn't bother me. When friends send me text messages I barely read them, and if I do this happens the day after.
This pretty much shows that I'm not attached to my cell phone at all.


Babeasaurus Sex
My phone is my life...it has my work emails, normal emails, addresses, networking ops, calendar....


EVERYTHING is on this phone.


Well-Known Member
Although I really like my phone, I actually very rarely use it as a phone. I use the call and texts functions maybe once every couple days. The email, facebook, and IM options are used all the time though. I would probably get extremely bored without it, but I wouldn't be too bothered if I left it at home whilst I was out or something.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
My cell phone is really important and would feel naked without it. In fact, I was joking with someone on this forum the other day that I treated my cell phone like it was my child.

Before I got the blackberry I was on it a lot and now I can't put it down. Pretty much everything I need is on there. So I'd be friggin lost without it.


e̳̳̺͕ͬ̓̑̂ͮͦͣ͒͒h̙ͦ̔͂?̅̂ ̾͗̑
People tend to hate on me for leaving my phone uncharged for days on end. I've been using my newfangled Blackberry quite a bit, though, but we'll see if that keeps up when the novelty wears off.


still nobody's bitch
it's critical, especially because I have a young child who is regularly in the care of others. I need to be reachable at all times. I never turn it off, either. I turn the ringer off when I go to bed, but otherwise it's never off.


Registered Member
My cell phone is very important....always with me, mostly stays on 24/7.
It is beside my bed at night....I use it way more than I do the home phone (yes I still have a land line too)
I have only turned it off on a couple of occasions when a person was kind of harrassing me and the texts would not stop.......so to get a brief bit of quietness, I would completely turn it off, but I soon turn it back on.
I probably change my ringtone and ringback tones more than the average person does too *ha*.....someone will call and say "you changed your music again"...it's fun!
Texting I prefer to do when in a crowded public place, such as a doctor's office, because I hear people get calls on their cell phones in such places and sit there and talk, very loudly, as if the rest of us are interested in their conversation.
I think it's rude to take a casual conversation cell call while in a public place.
Texting is much quieter :)


yellow 4!
I was never a 'phone person' until I got a blackberry, which kinda figures because like Imp said, I still don't really use it for calls or regular texts too frequently. For its other features, I'm on it all the time and it's way more important to me than I'd like it to be, haha.

I did, however, break it last week and life isn't too terrible whilst waiting to replace it. :p I do miss it a lot though, mostly because I have a bad memory for certain things and I can't just jot it down on my phone's memo pad any more. And also obviously it's much harder to keep in contact with people.


It's not me, it's you.
It's very important to me. I feel that for me it's a safety issue, being a single female. I do not have a home phone, so my phone is never turned off. Plus, I live hours away from my family, and I like for them to reach me anytime they need to.

I would feel lost without my phone, and would probably go back home and get it, depending on what I was leaving to do in the first place. I can manage running to the grocery store or going out with some friends without it and it doesn't bother me. If I'm at work then it's a national disaster.