How important is language?


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Would you date somebody who was learning your language but wasn't very good yet?

Would it depend on the language?

I am pretty sure I'd have to date somebody who already spoke my language. There is a lot you can't learn from somebody until you have a way of communication.

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If they could speak enough English for me to be able to hold a short conversation with them then sure.
Language is important to me as I can only speak English. I did French in school but I soon forgot what I had learned.


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Would you date somebody who was learning your language but wasn't very good yet?
Yes, do I get a bonus point for having done so:).

I have dated a French girl, her English was okay but very limited. Half the fun was the language barrier. We would only ever talk in English, if she had difficulty she would switch to French, I can understand French better than I can speak it so I would then revert the conversation back to English. We would have some bizzare conversations but the language did mean the depth of converstaion was always limited.

I have also dated a Swedish girl but she could speak near perfect English. Whilst I dont know any Swedish.


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Been there, done that. So yes. But maybe not zero knowledge. But as long as the minimum is there, it's fine. Besides, it's also a challenge for me. I like learning new languages and what better motivation than to be able to talk the language your dear one speaks. Oh, and there are other forms of communication :naughty:.
I'm not sure actually. It wouldn't be a deciding factor as to whether I'd date them but I'd definately throw it into the hypothetical 'cons.' I think communication in a relationship is vital, and sure they can work just fine with a slight language barrier, but I'm not sure it's for me. If they couldn't express how they felt about something then I'd always be feeling there was something missing. Also foreign people (those that are just learning English) tend to not understand sarcasm very well, in my experience, so that would also be a downside for me. :lol:


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I think I would rather be with someone who could speak my language well, than with someone who can hardly speak it. You should be able to communicate with your partner, because that is an essential part of a relationship.


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I think it would be cute to date someone who doesn't know english all that well. It would be fun to help them learn and such.

But, I'm all set with the relationship I'm in now, and he knows the english language well. :)


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I'm sure it would be interesting to find others ways of communication, but I don't think I would do it if their skills were minimal. I use so much slang irl and curse, I think it would be awkward to explain to them what I mean sometimes. I like to be on the same level as the person I'm with in a lot of ways and communication is one of them. I can barely deal with my bf not knowing what I mean when I use big words.


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I dated an Ecuadorian who spoke English pretty well. However, there were definitely things she didnt get because of the language barrier.

I couldnt really communicate effectively with her at times. But because she was crazy I dumped her...the language barrier hadnt gotten on my nerves enough.