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I don't know much about the man, but from what I conclude Donald Trump became wealthy and then declared bankruptcy. Then he wrote a book about how he was going to become wealthy again. So he did exactly as he said in his book. Then, he repeated steps 2 - 5 again. But I don't know, just what I heard.

So here is my book.

I was doing some research on google to see what keywords are searched a bunch each month and have few websites covering the topic. (Topic = Niche.) It is usually very hard to find one that will not take months to conquer. Most niches that are profitable (although any niche can be made profitable with enough work) have millions of search results on google. So I had an idea. I would work a local niche.

A local niche; keywords that people in my local area search many a times a month. So I started looking around using the google keyword tool and I found that the phrase "Dallas Computer Repair" is searched some 5,000 times a month. Before I go any further let me explain the potential I saw in this.

Computer repair is something urgent. If your computer is broken you don't google "Computer repair" just to see who is available to fix it and then wait a couple months to get it done. A computer is an essential in a household. It has to be working. Also, businesses MUST have their computers working. So when someone searches "Dallas Computer Repair", chances are they are looking to make a phone call this hour and get someone over to perform their services.

Now, I am no computer tech. But that's okay. The traditional way of making money through a niche like this is to get listed on the front page of google and have people come to your page and click your ads for a couple cents each time. But I have my own method.

--Continuing. I now had to see how many listings were on google for my keywords. It turns out that there are 486,000 pages. That's mind blowing, I know. But A) It's better than trying to conquer MILLIONS of pages for other niches, and B) I don't have to compete with all of them. I now put quotes around my keywords and click the search button again. Why? Because now google will show me how many web sites have the exact phrase "Dallas Computer Repair." Without the quotes google listed all the pages that included the three words somewhere in them.

So it turns out I have 8,700 people to compete with. (It's odd, earlier before I decided to write this it was 8,710!) But no more than half of these sites are actually TRYING to get on the front page of google. They are just websites that google has indexed when they were created. So my actual competition is no more than 4,350. This is a blessing. I have fought and won first page of google when my competition numbered in the 100ks.

One keyword that I was always told I would never rank, I was listed 2nd on google. Car Insurance. Currently there are 25,000,000 competitors for that one. So try and tell me I can't beat 8,000.

Now, here is where the magic happens.

I am going to spend two weeks working my ass off to get my site on the front page of google for "Dallas Computer Repair." And to perform this feat of creating an income, I am going to do it with one hand behind my back; I won't have a single ad on my page. I am going to build a small directory.

Here is a statistic for you: Most people NEVER go past the first page of google. If they are searching for something they hardly pass page 1. If they do, it is extremely rare to go past page two. So I am going to find and contact anywhere in between 50 and 100 computer repair businesses that are listed on page 2 and farther. I am going to give them the statistics. "5k searches a month. Very rare to pass the first page. But, I am on the first page." Then I will sell listings on my site for no less that $55 per month. I expect at least 75% of the businesses to jump on this opportunity. I expect 20% not to reply and the other 5% to take this information and optimize their way to page one.

(Did I mention that there are another 2,000 monthly searches for Fort Worth Computer Repair?) I'm not going to guarantee my success in this, but if I do everything right it should work out. Even with a 50% success rate at selling listings I will have a good income that requires no more work out of me except a little updating and bullshitting here and there.

Let's hear it. What do you guys think?


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Then I will sell listings on my site for no less that $55 per month. I expect at least 75% of the businesses to jump on this opportunity.I expect 20%not to reply and the other 5% to take this information and optimize their way to page one.
75% ....good luck with that. Seriously getting the front page of google is the easy bit, getting people to part with their money is the important bit. Take your expected 75% and make it a more realistic and still generous 4% and take your business plan from there.

Even if your do succeed and get more what is the point of effectively paying to be listed wihin a directory of a directory, and how many people will be willing to share this "privelage" and pay for it? Thin kabout it if you are on page 2 of google then you might have a 1 in 30 chance of being hit (thats 10 listings a page + googleads), now Im supposed to pay you to be listed on page 1 with say a 10% chance of being hit and then directed to a directory for another lucky dip of say 10% (if you only have 10 listings?). I think I would prefer to stay on page 2 and keep my $55pm.

We get peopel phoning the business all the time offering services like these and none of them are effective marketing strategies.