How honest are you?

What would you have done?

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Son of Liberty
I was in line at the corner store just now buying my "its a long day that doesnt want to end" rations (1bottle of Coke 1 ice cream cone). And as i was standing there I pulled my wallet out of my pocket. Today I am wearing loose running pants because I had a PE class this morning. Inside the pocket was a $20 bill that fell out when I pulled my wallet out. It hit the floor behind me, the only reason I knew it did was because I happened to feel it let loose from the pocket and into the air as I took the wallet out.

Before I reached down to pick it up, I set my coke and ice cream on the counter. But while I did that the guy behind me swooped in on my $20 and stuffed it in his pocket without saying a damn thing.

By the time I set my stuff down and turned around to pick up my the bill, he was already standing at attention and just taking his hand out of his pocket. I looked him square in the eye and stuck out my hand palm up. He reached his hand back in the pocket and gave me my 20 back. But I just got to thinking what an asshole he was thinking he was going to get away with stealing my $20 like that.

Another one of those sad tell tale signs that nobody gives a fuck about nobody anymore.

So if you're in His situation... what would you have done?

Are you the kind that would expect this from the people around you, and so justify the action by snatching the $20 yourself and hoping to get away with it?

Or are you the kind that will nudge the owner and let them know they've dropped their money?


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I wouldn't expect a majority of people to give the money back.

But in nearly every situation I've been in where someone dropped something, I'd always return it to them.

I guess I'm just a gentleman.


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In that particular situation i'd either pick it up and give it back, or notify the person in front that they dropped it. However, if it was just a 20 dollar note in the middle of the street that I hadn't seen someone drop I would pick it up and pocket it. If I had been in your situation, i'd probably have stood on it while I put my stuff down, I don't trust random strangers not to take it.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Yeah gotta agree with Impact, If it was on the floor and or on the street and didn't know beforehand who it belonged too....than pocket it I shall!


there would be no chance to be him because i'm not him at all and i can't lower myself like that.
but if i reached to that point, i would run away. lol. it would make no sense for me to take 20$ and give it back to you again lol. what do i take them for, then? to make myself look an asshole in front of you? what's the point?

so i'm honest. i would run away. lol.
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I am the type of person that will tell the person they dropped the bill. One time I was coming out of a restaurant and I found someone's credit card in the parking lot. I picked it up and walked back in and hand it to the manager of the restaurant. I think if someone else would of found that card, they would of picked it up and start spending it.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Well....if that person in question was homeless, or really finding it hard to survive financial wise, than you'd understand why he'd take the money.

But to give it back is just awkward lol.


Son of Liberty
I was alone at the time I walked up to the Counter. Honestly i thought i was the only one up there. But he snuck up behind me, which was the reason I didnt rush to step on the money.

If its a bill on the street, hells yeah I'm picking that up. But most definitley if I witness the person dropping the money I do the thing where I nudge them and say "You dropped some money". I dont ever pick it up in front of people because I wouldnt want to be interpreted as doign what this fucker did to me. Try to pocket it with me standing there hahhahaha some people man.