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How good was GoldenEye 007 64


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I was talking with some friends about classic games today and I brought up GoldenEye on 64 and we all seemed to agree that it was one of the greatest games ever created. I'm not a big fan of first person shooter game but I absolutely loved GoldenEye. Did you love the game? Where would you rank it in overall favorites?? Why did you like it so much?


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It's my favorite game ever. I had a ton of fun playing it with my family, I loved the single player, and I even explored the glitches.

It was fun stuff.


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It's one of my top 10 favorite games of all time for sure. The single player was awesome and had replayability with cheats and difficulty levels. And I probably played the multiplayer with my friends more than any other game.


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Like others, I'm not a first person shooter type, but multiplayer with all golden guns in paintball mode.. those were good times.

It ranks up there for me in Nintendo games.
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I wouldn't consider this one of the best games ever made, hell, it wouldn't even make my top 35. It had it's moments but overall was nothing special. I guess I am the only one that thinks this way? Ha.


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You know what makes this game great?

It wasn't the multiplayer aspects that had you playing and replaying for hours...

It wasn't the missions, difficulty levels, or amount of weapons you could use as well as gadgets.

Hell, it DEFINITELY wasn't the graphics...because we all know pixels suck arse...

No, all those reasons aside...

It was the simple fact that a movie based game came out that we could all stand. We tend to forget that Goldeneye: 007 was a decent movie, and the game is based off it. w00t! for the only movie based game I ever liked!!!


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In my opinion it's one of the best games of it's era.

It was the first real breakthrough in regards to first person shooters and is still reagrded as the grandaddy in it's genre.

It ticks all the boxes and it's multiplayer gameplay it terrific.

A great game.


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It was a great game, I loved playing it on 64. Like others I'm not a big fan of first person shooter games but this one rocked.


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It is most certainly the nostalgic flood of emotion that runs through your veins that makes Goldeneye 007 such a lovely game.

It is not my best game, by all means. Perfect Dark for me absolutely annihilated it. Goldeneye, however, was the first to condense it all into a wonderful, multiplayer package. I respect it for that.


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It's definitely up there as one of the best games ever.

I didn't play it all that much compared to Perfect Dark but it was still a great game, it had a huge variety of levels/missions and 3 difficulty levels, I was getting owned on the first difficulty level, I don't even what to know what 00 Agent difficulty is like. :lol: I was more of a PD person.