How good of a driver are you?


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For those of you out there can actually can legally drive, how do you drive, do you like it? Do you consider yourself to drive well or poorly?
I drive well, even when I've done it for very extended periods of time (at least 10+ hours straight) before. I prefer being a passenger over driving usually though.


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I hate driving like no other. It's like a chore. It's not that I'm bad at it, it that doing everything requires at least 20 minutes of driving around. It's annoying. I can only imagine what it'll be like when I'm out on my own. :(

If my future lifestyle permits it, I would want to be in a city with efficient public transportation, like Chicago or something.


Undead Intellectual
I can't wait till I can actually drive. There's a lot of people that dispise it, but when I am able to do so, I think I will enjoy drving. You know cruising around, picking up babes.

Oh yeah, I got 1k posts, I rule.
Your fantasies about girls and cars will soon be shattered. I think every guy grows up thinking that haha.

I'm an alright driver. Sometimes I'm a little too agressive, and I never go below 5 over the speed limit. Haha. I like being the passenger on long trips, but I love driving on anything 45 mins or less. I like to make good time.


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I'm somewhat careless (for a while I totally forgot to signal lane changes on the highway) and passive (changing lanes for me is a hassle because I don't think like America, unilaterally!), however if people are actually watching me then I drive fine.

On the way home Friday just after 11 (and thus being illegal for me to drive) I went 70 on a 35 zone and nearly got hit by a van. That would have sucked. I just like speeding for short bits, I don't actually feel a need to speed.


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I'm alright, even if the speed limit is usually atbout 15 mph slower than it should be. Havn't gotten a ticket or wrecked any cars yet.


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I'm okay... I'm not very aggresive. So it takes a while for me to change lanes.

I hate changing lanes!!!!


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I'm pretty much a certified road warrior...I drive everywhere... I drove pretty much across country in 2004, enough to have seen both oceans in a 3 month span, and I've been through all but the most extreme of states, Montana, the Dakota's, Maine, etc... I had a sportscar in HS so you can image how I learned to drive...It was a manual 5 speed w/turbo too, got my double clutch down to a science... I've had a few fender benders, and got my last ticket going about 100 in a 75 going through Oklahoma on my way to Colorado Springs...Cop was cool tho, only gave me about an 85 I think...I was doing a solo 1200 mile trek on about 4 hours sleep, lots of coffee heh...Left about 6 pm, got there about 10...Partied...Slept a few hours...Drove to Cali the next day...Road trips rock..!
Driven in Europe UK Ireland Canada US .. hold a license in the US & UK.. lived on the road for over seven years .. I'm not any shumacker .. but I was taught how to drive by somebody who raced bikes & cars for ten years & always stood on the three top blocks + somebody who drove an ambulance over 40 years for the RAF & local hospital network ..

Driving is a place i feel more comfortable than anywhere else .. its home .. perhaps thats how come I prefer driving games, to any other .. its just what I'm comfortable with ..

First you get your license .. then you learn how to drive .. Imo .. you have to live behind the wheel for a few weeks straight before your really aware of what it is to be a driver .. so far as I can tell ..

take a word of advice from a long runner .. as soon as you feel sleepy .. pull over .. get some rest .. blood on the highway doesn't impress anyone ...